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Wonderful Wind Power

I am in love with wind turbines. This is an obsession that has accompanied me throughout the last 15 years of my life and like in any healthy relationship, we have grown and matured together, yet still I am as happy as I was in those early days when everything was new and exciting.

I sometimes reflect on what it is that I find so positive about the wind industry. The obvious point is climate change. Many of our past choices about energy and technology have already left our children with a huge debt to pay, and I feel that we have sadly neglected our moral responsibilities to them. For me, the sight of a wind turbine on the horizon, safely and peacefully generating renewable energy is a reminder that we humans do sometimes get things right, after all.

I can still remember the first time I stood below a running turbine, looking up at the blades rushing past and listening to the wind rhythmically whistling from the tips. I was inspired to think of the harmonious coupling of so many technical disciplines with natural systems, creating something that just feels right.

It was a happy moment when one of my kids explained to my wife that 'Papa checks his computer to see if any of the turbines are broken, then he helps to fix them'. I think all of us working in this industry should be proud and excited about what we are doing. I find it a great privilege to earn a living doing something I truly believe in.