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What on earth are we doing?

In Europe this year most of us enjoyed a wonderfully warm and sunny summer. But at the back of our minds don't we all share an uneasy feeling that things are not as they should be?

Our scientists tell us we only have a few years to live. Usually this should trigger a mass state of panic and then, once we have all calmed down, a period of intense reflection and rollout of a new plan. But what scares me is that our reaction is surprisingly relaxed. We continue with business as usual, maybe replacing plastic cups with paper ones or some other small changes which do not even scratch the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.

You and I, as individuals going through our daily lives will not change this alone. Our politicians and governments also cannot and will not save the day on our behalf. What we need are grand visions, created collectively and propagated virally through our society because of an overwhelming belief in a common cause. We need to remind ourselves that there are things going on that transcend our own personal needs and that threaten the future happiness of not only some strangers in a distant future, but of the kids who we read to before bed every evening.

To quote one of my favourite films, "the future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves". Our summer holidays are over and winter is certainly coming. So let's pull ourselves together, pull together and do something amazing together, before the sunscreen runs out.